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Although God is powerful, limitless, and does not need the approval of anyone, God still needs your consent to bring his vision to your life and eventually on this earth. God created us with our own free will, and when we surrender this free will to him, then God can really work wonders. Like the late great “Myles Monroe'' would say, “Without God we cannot, and without us God will not.”

Oftentimes, we feel stagnant and stuck because of a lack of surrendering to God. We become our own stumbling block. But remember this, the more you let God use you, the more you will see the glory of his manifestation. The glory of God can only be manifested when we remove our own self, our strength, our thoughts, and let the Holy Spirit take over.


Are you ready to learn how to surrender to God from the small details of your life to the bigger things? This practical guide will help you do just that. You will see the wonders of God in your life and on this earth

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Keep Running

Life is not easy. Whether you are a Christian disciple or not, the pressures of life, spiritual attacks, uncertainty, death of loved ones, emotional and mental stress can really put you at a low point in your life. The things of this world are not eternal and they can change at any time. The only thing that remains unchanged is God.

For 21 days, this book will give you a daily dose of encouragement to give you that push to keep running your race (your life) no matter what is going on around you or in your personal life.

Coming July 30h, 2020

God Chose Me

In this book the author wants you to know that no matter what the circumstances of your life that God has a plan for you. Your life is not a coincidence but a choice made by God. Many times, we tend to shut down when we face hurt, pain and challenges, but when we are under God’s supervision, He bring us to our purpose.The author used her experiences to show you how she discovered her Godly purpose.


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God choose me! Its a book that will really help you connect with the Almighty and to embrace your calling. By reading it you can really tell the author as a strong connection with God. Its a must read book you wont regret it and of course you will be blessed

-Dominique V.

Very often we strive to build relationships we think are necessary for our well beings whether it’s of romantic, friendship or career nature and very often we seem to forget or not prioritize the most important and vital one : which is our relationship with GOD! Reading this book made me realize that knowing GOD is to build that personal relationship that is not regulated by human or church laws but a relationship that is based on recognizing the true love and power of GOD, a relationship that allows you to look deep within your soul, to listen, to believe and to follow. I can not wait for what you have in store for us and thank you sharing your journey as I’m sure it will help many people!!!


-Marie C.