Although God is powerful, limitless, and does not need the approval of anyone, God still needs your consent to bring his vision to your life and eventually on this earth. God created us with our own free will, and when we surrender this free will to him, then God can really work wonders. Like the late great “Myles Monroe'' would say, “Without God we cannot, and without us God will not.”

Oftentimes, we feel stagnant and stuck because of a lack of surrendering to God. We become our own stumbling block. But remember this, the more you let God use you, the more you will see the glory of his manifestation.


The glory of God can only be manifested when we remove our own self, our strength, our thoughts, and let the Holy Spirit take over. Are you ready to learn how to surrender to God from the small details of your life to the bigger things? This practical guide will help you do just that. You will see the wonders of God in your life and on this earth