To my Mentees 


Thank you for letting me teach you while I’m being taught. Spiritual mentors are like natural mothers or fathers. A parent guides you through natural life. A spiritual mentor guides you through your spiritual life.


Mentoring Program

To live a purposeful life, you must have a relationship with God. Creating and staying in a relationship with God is not the most easiest thing to do. Because of this, Sophia was lead to create a mentoring program to help others live their full potential, to maximize their gifts, talents and becoming the best version that God created them to be through a relationship with God. Sophia believes that a soul is the most precious thing for God, so she pours all her spiritual knowledge into her private and group mentoring.

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It’s been now a couple of months that Sophia has been mentoring me. So far it is the greatest experience in my life. Sophia is always available to listen, pray with me and for me. I am blessed to have her as my mentor. Sophia wants to invest her time and effort into her mentorship duties and truly wants to help a mentee like myself grow in their spiritual, personal and professional life. Sophia continues to help me tremendously to know Jesus in another level. I thank  God for choosing you to help me grow spiritually encouraging and walking into my purpose. Sophia is truly a woman of God that was to do His work! 

-Nancy A.

I recently started my mentoring program with Sophia. She is driven, inspirational, helpful and a good mentor. Sophia is very understanding and always willing to help, I would like to thank you for all the guidance and mentoring given to me which are truly appreciated.

-Douniacha C.

Sophia has helped me change my life in ways I cannot even really explain. I have been religious all my life and have always gone to God with my things. But Sophia has taught me that a RELATIONSHIP with God has nothing to do with religion, she has taught me about the importance of including God in EVERYTHING that I do. Sophia guided me through prayer and taught me to have quiet time so I can listen to God, she also taught me to be intentional with my prayers and so much more. After my first encounter with God 1 month after starting to work with Sophia my life changed so much. I can now see God in everything that I do, in my career, my business, my relationships, my everyday battles. I even consult God about my hair!!! (probably sounds silly) but if you felt the peace I feel when I put him first and let him guide me you would too... trust me! I don’t want to make it sound like this change or lifestyle is easy because trying to live the way God would want in a world full of temptation and manipulation is challenging especially when you are like me and have been doing life however you wanted and praying about it later for 29 years. It takes hard work and having Sophia guiding me through every step, praying with me and listening to my struggles and cries is more than a BLESSING. She literally became my spiritual sister and I am beyond grateful for her! Thank you, Sophia, for using God’s purpose for your life to help women like me become stronger spiritually!


-Marly C.

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