Keep Running - The Book


Life is not easy. Whether you are a Christian disciple or not, the pressures of life, spiritual attacks, uncertainty, death of loved ones, emotional and mental stress can really put you at a low point in your life. The things of this world are not eternal, and they can change at any time. But the only thing that remains unchanged is God.

For 21 days,this book will give you a daily dose of encouragement to give you that push to keep running your race (your life) no matter what is going on around you or in your personal life.

Meet Sophia

Born and raised in Port au prince, Haiti, Sophia migrated to the Us in 2003.She has worked in the Nursing field for 10 years before following the call of God unto full time ministry. She has then started to pursue the presence of God who has used he in multiple areas

Mentoring Program

A Mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself..." 

- Oprah Winfrey

Sophia's program are for those who believe in hope and need to a little push in achieving their goals.

Doing The Work Of God

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